DSDS candidate Katharina upset Dieter Bohlen: “You are always chatting around”


And again there is a riot at DSDS:  The  singing talents slowly get out of their claws. Katharina, whose foot is in a cast, also caused a stir. Again.

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 The  way the candidates from “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” tease each other is often more exciting than the singing. In the current season, Katharina has been providing just such TV moments for several episodes. She broke her leg in the recall, now she had a big argument with her colleagues on Saturday evening.

In the idyllic Bronnbach Monastery, where the current episodes of DSDS were filmed, the mood was not too contemplative. It was about everything, or at least the last tickets for the recall on Mykonos. Of course, nobody wanted to miss the opportunity and trip. But somehow Katharina wasn’t that motivated. She was supposed to practice with Lara, Olga and Giuseppina, but not only was there a lack of vocal harmonies, there was also no trace of group harmony.

“I am not working against anyone”

Katharina preferred to practice solo. Because: “In terms of performance, I prepared myself on my own. It didn’t have much to do with the girls.” At least she doesn’t have a fight with the other singers and explained her behavior as follows: “Well, I don’t work against anyone. Everyone works for themselves. I don’t want us to be compared.” So the remaining group members rehearsed as a trio, Katharina allowed herself a break first. Guiseppina grumbled: “I hate it when I have to wait for someone.”

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 The  performance in front of the jury was not a good star either. Katharina hobbled to the gig on a cast leg and crutches, the other girls were annoyed by her, as you can see in the video above. Pop titan Dieter Bohlen heated up the chaos group: “Because you are not concentrating! You are always chatting,” he grumbled angrily about Katharina. “You have two and a half minutes here, you have to perform!” At least the beginning of Bohlen has He announced to Katharina separately: “If you don’t make it right now, you can go home.”

“You were beaming because the others were so bad”

It was not a big surprise then that the leg cast candidate actually screwed up her mission. But the other girls hardly made a note either. For Maite Kelly, Katharina was still the best of the group, but paid her a rather unpleasant compliment: “You only shone because the others were so bad!”

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 The  end of the song: Katharina came into the recall. And Guiseppina can also look forward to a ticket to Mykonos. So it will be interesting to see what happens to Katharina.

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DSDS candidate Katharina upset Dieter Bohlen chatting


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