DSDS: Maite Kelly humiliates the most unpopular candidate with just one sentence at the recall


At DSDS, Maite Kelly destroys the candidate Katharina with one sentence. (Photomontage)

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

 The  viewers of DSDS are more than annoyed by candidate Katharina. Now the juror Maite Kelly destroys the singer in the recall with just one sentence.

Bronnbach – In 17 seasons “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS) on RTL, the audience and the jury around Dieter Bohlen got to know a wide variety of personalities. While some are very popular with fans, there are also candidates who are criticized for their nature. This year it is mainly Katharina – the 26-year-old polarizes not only with her colleagues, but also with the DSDS viewers. © www.de24.news

 The  Bavarian is also repeatedly put in its place by the jury, most recently by the pop singer Maite Kelly (41). © www.de24.news

 The  DSDS candidate destroyed it at the recall in Bronnbach with just one sentence.

Katharina (middle) always causes excitement at DSDS.

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

DSDS (RTL): Katharina single-handedly – jury disappointed by the performance of her group

Katharina Eisenblut, who has to master the recall with a cast on her leg, was in a group with three other candidates in the last DSDS episode (February 20, all broadcast times). Together with Lara (19), Olga (26) and Giuseppina (24), she should prepare a song – but the brunette quickly emerged as a loner. © www.de24.news

 The  lack of harmony in the coaching with Juliette Schoppmann also became clear during the appearance in front of the jury. Even when she joined, Katharina was not quite at the point and therefore received a lot of criticism from jury boss Dieter Bohlen (67): “If you don’t make it right now, you can go home!”

DSDS juror Maite Kelly destroys unpopular candidate Katharina with one sentence

But not only Katharina brought in bad criticism. © www.de24.news

 The  whole performance of the four DSDS singers (all DSDS winners at a glance) caused the jury of Maite Kelly, Dieter Bohlen and Mike Singer to shake their heads. © www.de24.news

 The  former “Modern Talking” star even titled the appearance of Olga, who was recalled with a gold CD, as a “total failure”. As it quickly becomes clear on the net, there is another thing that annoys the audience: Although the group performed rather poorly overall, Katharina was still the best. So you and Giuseppina could look forward to progressing one round.

But before that, Maite Kelly destroyed the candidate Katharina, who was annoying for many fans, with one sentence: “You only shone because the others were so bad.” Does Katharina take this announcement to heart? That will be viewers in the international recall, which begins next Saturday (February 27) on RTL.

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DSDS Maite Kelly humiliates unpopular candidate sentence recall


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