DSDS (RTL): Bad accident with Dieter Bohlen – he has a plaster foot


DSDS: Bad accident with Dieter Bohlen – toboggan trip ends in plaster of paris and crutches (photo montage)

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What a shock: DSDS juror Dieter Bohlen injured his ankle and tendons while tobogganing. But instead of taking a break, the 67-year-old wants to keep going. Fans are concerned about the pop titan.

Hamburg, Tötensen – Fit like a sneaker, fans know DSDS jurors Dieter Bohlen (67). But the 67-year-old now shows up on Instagram with a cast on his leg. A painful affair? Dieter takes his injury with humor.

DSDS: Tobogganing trip ends for Dieter in casts and crutches

Not long ago he was happily jumping and dancing on Tik-Tok videos in the Maldives. This will (must) be over for the near future. Because today the former modern-talking singer is just coming down the stairs. Puffing, with crutches and a cast, he tells his 1.5 million followers about the accident. ( The se DSDS participants tragically died)

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It should actually be fun tobogganing fun in the snow. Nothing came of that. © www.de24.news

 The  trip ended in a serious accident. Dieter Bohlen ran himself over his foot. © www.de24.news

 The re he injured his ankle and tendons. “Too stupid to go sledding” he quips in his Instagram video. In any case, he has not lost his laughter and humor – certainly a good sign.

DSDS: Dieter Bohlen gives fans rebuff – he does not want to rest

Despite a happy Dieter in front of the camera, fans immediately react concerned about the DSDS jurors. Stars like Evelyn Burdecki and luxury lady Claudia Obert also comment on the post. “Mann Dieter”, writes Obert with sad emojis. But how does it go on now, his fans wonder. Will DSDS fall into the water in 2021?

No, because as fans know Dieter, the singer and TV star is a real workhorse. “I can do everything. I don’t think with my feet. ” Dieter reassures a worried fan on Instagram. With such an injury, the pop titan first needs rest to recover – his fans agree on this point.

Dieter Bohlen and his girlfriend Carina in the Maldives.

© Screenshot: Instagram/dieterbohlen

Good advice, but calm doesn’t seem to be one of Dieter’s strengths. He also announces further dance performances on crutches with plaster of paris. Does he overestimate himself at this point? Fans think yes – they can’t understand his reactions at all. “You have to do what the physiotherapist says and you shouldn’t put any strain on the sick leg,” writes a follower. © www.de24.news

 The  DSDS juror doesn’t even want to be cared for by Carina: “I can do that without help. Despite my injury, I run around everywhere, ”he clarifies.

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