DSDS (RTL): Most annoying candidate of all time makes haters on the net a clear announcement


 The  DSDS candidate Katharina pissed off some fans. (Photomontage)

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DSDS (RTL): Katharina Eisenblut is repeatedly referred to as the “most annoying candidate of all time” on the internet. Now she declares war on her haters.

Cologne – With her lively manner, “DSDS *” candidate Katharina Eisenblut (26) offended when she made her first appearance at the jury, consisting of pop star Maite Kelly (all information about the singer *), Mike Singer and pop titan Dieter Bohlen. She is a real chatterbox and should better shift down a gear. During the DSDS recall (all broadcast times in 2021 *), which was broadcast on RTL on February 13th, 2021, the 26-year-old caused a number of annoyed TV viewers. But Katharina does not want to be dragged down by the criticism and therefore made her haters a clear declaration of war. (Extratipp.com * reported)

Mischievous smile, big mouth: DSDS candidate Katharina Demirkan almost drives the jury crazy.

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DSDS (RTL): Katharina made herself unpopular with the jury and viewers

In the recall, she already showed that there is a real fighter in Katharina. Because after a dramatic accident, she broke her leg (extratipp.com reported *), but did not let it get her down and hobbled to her appearance. © www.de24.news

 The  singing of the pretty brunettes seemed to quickly move into the background. She kept reporting about the accident and not only caused an annoyed jury, but also suddenly made herself unpopular with the audience.

“You don’t sing with your feet. Such a broken foot – I don’t find it so bad now, ”her DSDS * jury boss Dieter Bohlen * then threw at the head. But that’s not all. Numerous fans of the show also spoke out about Katharina using the hashtag “dsds Katharina”. Comments like “I’m already looking forward to the moment when Katharina is kicked out. Unpleasant person! ”Or “Is there a more annoying person in this world than Katharina?” Find. A hard blow for the pretty brunette, who even found the love of her life on the casting show (extratipp.com reported *). But Katharina doesn’t want to get down and therefore promptly shot back.

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DSDS (RTL): Katharina wants to fight for her dream

“I no longer understand people who stand in my way when it comes to my dream”

Katharina Eisenblut

For her dream she would not only be ready to give everything, but would even walk over corpses. With her combative nature, she made it one round last Saturday. It remains to be seen whether she can fight for victory with it and thus makes another announcement to their haters. (All DSDS winners at a glance *)

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