DSDS winner Mark Medlock: plush sofa, Persian carpet and microphone in the living room: that’s how he lives on Sylt


Mark Medlock has arrived on Sylt.  The  man from Frankfurt has found his favorite place. Now he’s showing his four walls too.

Although Mark Medlock (42) actually wanted to turn his back on music, he doesn’t really get the jump. Luck for us and the fans, because the winner of DSDS from 2007 simply still has an unmistakable voice – and every time you hear him sing, the scenes that pop titan Dieter Bohlen (67 ) literally fell around the neck. © www.de24.news The  auditions were 15 years ago – Medlock will not be forgotten. He moved to Sylt nine years ago, he wanted to escape the hustle and bustle. Conny, a hotel owner on Sylt, has taken him into her care. © www.de24.news

 The  two have lived together since then. Now a video has emerged that shows what it looks like at the duo Mark and Conny at home.

Pompous sofas, Persian carpets and a microphone in the middle of the living room – because Mark likes to give a living room concert. In our video above we show you the home of the superstar.

Mark Medlock lives as a privateer on Sylt

Mark Medlock retired from show business almost ten years ago. What is he doing on Sylt? He lives as a private citizen on the favorite island of the beautiful and rich in Germany.

In our video you can find out more about the former DSDS winner and his new life:

© IMAGO / Reichwein; BUNTE.de


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DSDS winner Mark Medlock plush sofa Persian carpet microphone living room lives Sylt


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