Ducksch plays with a torn muscle: 96 coach Kocak explains the farce of injury

Ducksch plays with a torn muscle: 96 coach Kocak explains the farce of injury

No, Kenan Kocak did not believe in miraculous healing either. Before and after the 2: 3 in Düsseldorf, the 96 coach had to answer questions about how it could be that a striker like Marvin Ducksch with a diagnosed hamstring can play football a week later. “Each player has their own healing process,” said Kocak.


In fact, Ducksch stormed with for half an hour, but it was no longer beneficial for the team. “Goal bite with muscle tear” – that could have been the headline. But a week without training, the practice gaps were the best 96 goalscorer (ten goals).

 The  pictures of the away game of Hannover 96 at Fortuna Düsseldorf:

Dusseldorf’s Rouwen Hennings (2nd from left) scored the 1-0 with a penalty.


On Monday, 96 announced the injury, a ruptured muscle fiber, even after an MRI scan. Estimated failure: three to four weeks. What was initially unknown: Ducksch was not in pain, wanted to train and play. “It wasn’t a wrong diagnosis,” said Kocak. “Especially since it was confirmed by the guru of sports doctors in Munich, Hans-Wilhelm Müller Wohlfahrt (book:“ Seeing with your hands ”).

Müller-Wohlfahrt also saw the picture of Ducksch’s muscle. He confirmed the 96 diagnosis, but still did not report him injured. “Dr. Müller Wohlfahrt also saw something, ”said Kocak. “I am not a doctor with my half-knowledge. But I was told that – in consultation with the boy – there is no risk in taking him into the squad today. “

No distrust of the 96 doctors

When asked, the coach did not consider the fact that Ducksch – incidentally, together with striker Hendrik Weydandt, was sent to Munich as a sign of mistrust. “In consultation with our doctors and physios, we decided to send him back to Munich to see an expert for a second diagnosis.” ©

 The  diagnosis remained the same, only the recommendation for action was adjusted at the last minute, a day and a half before the game. In fact, the 96-Docs and Müller-Wohlfahrt stayed in touch and agreed: Ducksch could play, despite the fiber tear in the picture, the risk of letting him play for 20 minutes was low with appropriate treatment.

Ducksch had contributed significantly to the fact that he got up at his ex-club. He warmly welcomed his former assistant coach Axel Bellinghausen. Shortly before he came on after an hour, manager Gerhard Zuber got up and pissed Ducksch. One more slap from assistant coach Serhat Umar, and the last half an hour started.

He couldn’t turn the game around properly, like Felix Klaus on the other side. ©

 The  new Fortune played “like a bastard”, took out a penalty and scored a goal. Ducksch is one of those guys too, refusing to throw in the opponent after a play by Adam Bodzek on the center line. He takes no account of ex-colleagues. He didn’t take any on his own muscles either. His personal healing process is apparently rare, but absolutely in tact.

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Ducksch plays torn muscle coach Kocak explains farce injury


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