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Dylan Farrow’s children’s recordings weigh heavily on Woody Allen


«Allen v. Farrow »is the title of a four-part documentary, the first episode of which will be shown on Sunday evening on the US pay station HBO. ©

 The  show examines the question of whether Woody Allen (85) abused his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow or not. ©

 The  now 35-year-old has held on to the allegations for decades. Woody Allen himself says he is innocent. In his autobiography “Apropos of Nothing” he says that the allegations are an act of revenge by his ex-wife Mia Farrow (76), who was angry with him because of his affair with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn (50).

Individual media portals have already been given access to the upcoming documentation. «Allen v. According to the Daily Mail, Farrow does not cast a good light on Hollywood star Allen. Previously unpublished recordings are shown in which the 7-year-old tells Dylan that her father touched her in “intimate places”. Everyone is said to have said: “Don’t move, I have to do this.” Dylan can be heard saying to her mother, “I didn’t want him to do this, Mom. (…) I do not want that.”

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Dylan Farrows childrens recordings weigh heavily Woody Allen


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