Ecovacs N8 Pro + – New robot vacuum with suction station listed on Amazon


A new vacuum robot from Ecovacs has now appeared on Amazon.  The  N8 Pro + has a suction station and TrueDetect 3D.

Ecovacs N8 Pro + should be released on February 28th

In the last few weeks there have been repeated references to new vacuum robots from Ecovacs. First the new models in the Ecovacs app and then the listing of the Ecovacs N8 on AliExpress. Now, with the listing of the Ecovacs N8 Pro + on Amazon, things are getting concrete for the first time.

Ecovacs N8 Pro +

During my search on Amazon today I came across something interesting. Since today the one is completely unexpected Ecovacs N8 Pro + listed, a new vacuum robot with Suction station. Usually, new models have always been announced in advance in a press release and only listed later on Amazon.

Ecovacs N8 Pro +


 The  new Ecovacs vacuum robot costs 699 euros


 The  most important information about the new vacuum robot can be found on the product page of the N8 Pro +. So he will have a suction station and with the TrueDetect 3D Technology. In contrast to the well-known Deebot T8, the N8 probably does not have Ozmo Pro wiping technology, but a normal wiper plate such as the Deebot Ozmo 950.

In general, however, the N8 Pro + is very similar to the T8. He also navigates by laser, can avoid obstacles with TrueDetect 3D and map multiple floors. ©

 The  price is good though 200 euros lowerwhen comparing the EIA in each case. This is namely 899 euros for the T8 + and 699 euros for the N8 Pro +.

If you believe the product page on Amazon, the Ecovacs N8 Pro + should already be available on February 28th be, so already today in a week. I am curious to see when the official announcement from Ecovacs will follow.


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Ecovacs Pro robot vacuum suction station listed Amazon


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