Eleven dead after corona outbreak in nursing home


After the corona outbreak
Eleven deaths in Cologne nursing home

Eleven deaths occurred in a nursing home in Cologne after a corona outbreak. Of the original 63 residents, 11 died of or with Corona.

That said Bettina Levy from the board of the synagogue community Cologne on Monday the German press agency. Of the original 63 residents, 11 people “died of or with Corona”. Almost all other residents and more than 20 caregivers have tested positive.

Levy emphasized that an earlier vaccination had been urged, but only after the outbreak did it take place on February 4th. On that day, “due to illness, only a very small number of residents could be vaccinated, as we already had an acute outbreak with Covid-19 at this point.” to get the vaccination process going with us too ”.  The  “Bild” newspaper had also reported on the case.

Levy said: “It hits us as a community to the core and in our souls.” Particular attention is paid to protecting the residents of the Cologne facility, they have always maintained very high standards and implemented all the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute.

© www.de24.news The  city of Cologne gave no information about the outbreak. In principle, one does not comment on cases in individual institutions, said a spokeswoman.

(mba / dpa)

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Eleven dead corona outbreak nursing home


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