Embarrassing: Daniel Fehlow once got an erection on the GZSZ set


Daniel Fehlow (46) chats from the most intimate sewing box! With around 6,000 episodes in his role as Leon Moreno on Gute Zeiten, haben Zeiten, the actor is now one of the daily veterans. TV notoriety has already seen a lot. An anecdote from the set will stay with the Berliner for a long time: Daniel got a boner while shooting in front of the cameras!

“We once had a kissing scene and unfortunately somehow – for whatever reason – I couldn’t control my body”, remembered Daniel across from image back to the situation at the time with his ex-colleague Alexandra Neldel (45). After the scene was done, the lunch break was on the agenda. “And I was still in bed and thought, I can’t get up now,” said the TV star. Giving yourself the nakedness that someone could see the bulge in your pants came for Daniel out of the question – instead he claimed to want to lie down a little longer because the bed was just so comfortable.

From Daniels penis breakdown at the time is likely Alexandra haven’t noticed anything to this day – but maybe that will change soon. As the 45-year-old announced, the blonde had recently moved to his neighborhood and they had already run into each other several times. Daniels  The  decision is at least made: “I’ll tell her!”

Daniel Fehlow, actor
Alexandra Neldel, actress
Daniel Fehlow, GZSZ awareness

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Embarrassing Daniel Fehlow erection GZSZ set


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