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GZSZ star Daniel Fehlow chatted out of the sewing box and told about the shooting of a scene in which he had no control over his body.

In the “Bild” format “Stadt Land Bild”, the 46-year-old told a piquant anecdote from the early days of the “RTL” hit series “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten”. This happened in the 90s when Alexandra Neldel played the friend of Daniel Fehlow’s role “Leon Moreno” as “Katja” in the series. A kissing scene together aroused Fehlow so much that the actor could not get out of bed after the scene was over – without being embarrassed.

Series friend Alexandra Neldel is unlikely to know anything about it to this day.Imago Images

Malheur am Serien-Set

When the scene was shot, his colleagues asked him to go to lunch, Fehlow told “Bild”. “I was lying there in bed and just thought: ‘I can’t get up now. © www.de24.news

 The n you can see that'”. So he stayed in the set bed for a while longer. Alexandra Neldel didn’t notice anything at the time, said the series star.

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Embarrassing penis breakdown GZSZ star unpacking


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