Emigrant from Lower Austria shot in Belize


Christian Gigi Gusenbauer, formerly a pharmaceutical manager and son of the Austrian athletics legend Ilona Gusenbauer (Olympic bronze 1972), sold all of his property in Brunn am Gebirge a few years ago. He emigrated to Central America and built an eco-lodge on the dream island of Belize. Since then he has been renting out the heavenly accommodation in the Caribbean to holidaymakers from all over the world via Airbnb.

On Saturday Gusenbauer was attacked and shot on his private island, like krone.at reported. He had barricaded himself in his room with a mattress, and was hit by 21 pellets on Facebook, according to his own statements. He thanked the police, who had quickly helped. One photo shows him after an operation lasting several hours in the hospital bed, seven bullets had been removed from his body. According to the circumstances, he is doing well. “ The  police superintendent of Belize, Chester Williams, waited until I woke up after four hours in the operating room. Seven shotgun pellets were removed from my body, 14 could not yet be removed,” Gusenbauer wrote to his friends.

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Emigrant Austria shot Belize


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