Erfurt-Weimar Airport: continue to use or close?


Greens: airport is “not profitable”

His coalition colleague, Laura Wahl, the transport policy spokeswoman for the Greens, sees it quite differently: “As the Greens group, we are of the opinion that this airport is not needed because the main problem is that this airport is not profitable and And I think it is irresponsible that we as a country spend taxpayers money on an infrastructure that is not only unnecessary because there are regional airports in good surroundings, but above all harmful to the climate. And we have to think twice how we can get a grip on the climate crisis, and air traffic is certainly not one of the forms of future mobility. ”

Coalition mainly for airports

 The  Greens could imagine building a residential area on the site instead. © The  transport links to the Erfurt city area are good and living space is scarce. But with this demand the Greens are alone in the minority government made up of the Left Party, the Greens and the SPD. © The  transport policy spokesman for the SPD, Lutz Liebscher, announced that anyone who did not want to see the importance of the airport for the regional economy would have to shut both eyes hard.

© The  managing director of the airport, Gerd Stöwer, also demands – as expected – not only to focus on falling passenger numbers. He emphasizes the relevance of the airport during the corona pandemic: Airplanes with millions of FFP2 protective masks on board repeatedly landed in Erfurt-Weimar, which would then be distributed nationwide from Thuringia. ©

 The  next landing with protective equipment from China is already expected.

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ErfurtWeimar Airport continue close


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