Erich Klann: “Let’s Dance” star stops! Nightmares about show folks


He pushed the most beautiful celebrity women across the floor: Lilly Becker (44), Viktoria Swarowski (27), Judith Williams (49). But after ten years of “Let’s Dance”, professional dancer Erich Klann (33) has now broken up.

Reason? More time for the family, continue working on his house in Paderborn – and finally sleep well again!

Klann says to BILD am SONNTAG: “What I will not miss at all is the restless sleep before the shows and the long time that you are separated from the family! You give up a lot of private life over several months, which is not a matter of course. In addition, there is the uncertainty before every show whether your celebrity partner will keep his nerve and not get a blackout regarding the choreography. ”

Klann is in a relationship with professional dancer and ex-DSDS juror Oana Nechiti (32), both of whom run a dance school in Paderborn.

Will he miss chief juror Joachim Llambi (56)? Klann laughs “I’m sure I’ll have nightmares about Joachim Llambi for the next few months! As a professional dancer you are constantly exposed to jury criticism and it is better not to reply to it. Even if, especially when it comes to Mr. Llambi’s judgments, one is often burning on the tongue! “

Joachim Llambi's (56) sharp tongue is feared

Joachim Llambi’s sharp tongue is fearedFoto: picture alliance / dpa / Stefan Gregorowius

Klann and Nechiti are now turning the tables: for the “Let’s Dance” start on Friday (RTL, 8:15 pm), their podcast “Dance or not at all – Let’s talk” starts. Klann: “We will speak plain text after every broadcast!” Unfiltered and for a change from the perspective of two professional dancers.

Klann: “It has been a great wish of both of us for a long time that some topics are finally addressed from our perspective. Topics that you as a participant on this very exhausting journey of a relay, from getting to know each other to winning, could not express. For example, levels of difficulty are kept completely out of discussion. Often light dance elements are often praised in the sky. This is often not in line with the experience of celebrities and professionals! “

Erich Klann:
Photo: BILD

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Erich Klann Lets Dance star stops Nightmares show folks


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