Erich Klann shares an emotional statement on “Let’s Dance” -aus


Erich Klann (33) finally comments on his Let’s Dance off! In mid-February it was revealed which professional dancers will take on the celebrities in the upcoming season. To the great disappointment of many fans, there are not many favorites among them: Massimo Sinató (40), Oana Nechiti (32) and their partner will not be there this time. Explained in an emotional statement Erich now what about his “Let’s Dance“Dropouts are all about!

Via Instagram the 33-year-old now published a few lines on the subject ‘Let’s Dance‘- which shows, among other things, that it was obviously his decision to no longer take part in the show! “How long will I be away from my family for what feels like an eternity? When will I have the time to build a house, to finally get married?  The  answer is: Now!” Erich. All of this is simply not compatible with the “time-consuming” project “Let’s Dance”. “This change in my family should and will take place because I made the decision back in December!”


 The refore will Erich Of course, don’t turn your back on the show: “Of course we will Oana and Nikolas every Friday ‘Let’s Dance‘look and – as you do at home – be amazed, cheer, annoy, languish and judge. “ ©

 The  audience favorite also emphasizes: “I’m really looking forward to the coming season and I’m excited to see who will make the best development and which celebrity will be given which professional.”

Erich Klann and Oana Nechiti
Erich Klann, dancer
Ilka Bessin and Erich Klann on “Let’s Dance”

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Erich Klann shares emotional statement Lets Dance aus


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