Escape on skis: 100 people celebrate an illegal carnival party


Escape on skis
100 people celebrate illegal carnival party

 The se fools do not seem to care about the current Corona measures: In the Ore Mountains, the police are breaking up an outdoor carnival party with around 100 people, mostly without masks and minimum distance. Most of them flee from the officers on their skis.
In a district of the city of Marienberg in the Saxon Erzgebirge district, several people have gathered for the ski carnival without observing hygiene measures. ©

 The  partly costumed celebrants stood close together in a field on Sunday afternoon, skiing or tobogganing on a slope, as the police in Chemnitz announced. Most of the time, they did not wear mouth and nose covers, nor did they keep minimum distances.

When the officials arrived, the majority of the celebrants fled on their skis in different directions and thus escaped largely undetected. ©

 The  exact number of people can therefore not be confirmed. According to a police spokesman, there were indications that around 100 people were involved.

One of the carnival participants verbally abused the officers, sometimes anti-Semitic. ©

 The  man was identified with the help of witnesses. ©

 The  34-year-old is being investigated for insulting, sedition and violating the Corona Protection Ordinance. ©

 The  police hope to be able to determine other participants in the ski carnival.

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Escape skis people celebrate illegal carnival party


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