Ethnic Minorities in Britain: Appeals Against Vaccine Skepticism


Status: 02/20/2021 11:14 am

Vaccination readiness is high in Great Britain – but not everywhere. Ethnic minorities in particular are skeptical. You should now be motivated by prominent video clips.

From Imke Köhler,
ARD-Studio London

Celebrities who belong to ethnic minorities advertise the Covid-19 vaccination:  The se are video messages that were specially produced for the so-called BAME communities. BAME stands for “Black, Asian and minority ethnic”, meaning blacks, Asians and other ethnic minorities in Great Britain. © The  clips explain, among other things, that the vaccine does not contain any substances from pigs.

Imke Koehler

Although the ethnic minorities in Great Britain suffer particularly badly from Covid-19 and have a disproportionately high number of deaths, many members of these BAME groups do not get vaccinated.

Many have a broken relationship with the state

Prince Charles describes it as a tragedy “that the benefits of this achievement are not being taken by all”. For example, among people over 80 in England, the vaccination rate for blacks is only around half as high as for whites. © The  main reason for this is that many members of the BAME groups, who repeatedly experience discrimination, have a broken relationship with the state.

Imam Qari of the Mecca Mosque in Leeds hears this over and over again: “I’ve found that young people don’t trust the public authorities. © The y don’t care whether the vaccine is safe or not – they trust the source behind it Not.” He realized that in this pandemic it is just as important who a message comes from as the message itself.

A pastor also reports that the distrust of the state has built up in his church over many years and is now deeply rooted. Events like the Windrush scandal, in which the British government suddenly wanted to deport immigrants decades later, contributed to this; likewise the Grenfell Tower disaster, the high-rise fire in London in 2017, in which 72 people were killed because the facade was clad with combustible material. Most of the victims were people with a migration background.

Fear of “experiments”

© The se scandals confirm the BAME population’s belief that the government is not really interested in their welfare. This provides additional breeding ground for fake news and conspiracy theories on social media.

In addition, as the historian David Olusoga explains, the BAME communities fear being used as guinea pigs: “History has experimented with black and non-white people. We must not forget that only last year two French people Scientists have suggested trying out the Covid vaccines on Africans in Africa. © The  misinformation on the market is based on the dark past. ” However, this does not change the fact that vaccines save lives and must therefore be adopted, adds Olusoga.

© The  UK government is now working with community leaders, spiritual leaders and multilingual facilitators to better reach out to ethnic minorities. And also the celebrities should educate in their video clips and encourage vaccination.

Vaccination campaign specifically for ethnic minorities

Imke Köhler, ARD London, February 20, 2021 9:37 am

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Ethnic Minorities Britain Appeals Vaccine Skepticism


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