EU expects another 75 million BioNtech vaccine doses in the 2nd quarter


“With the new agreement with the European Commission, we should now be able to deliver enough vaccine doses to vaccinate at least 250 million Europeans before the end of the year,” Pfizer boss Albert Bourla said on Wednesday. According to a spokesman, the EU Commission had already passed the contract last week. Of the additional 200 million vaccine doses for 2021, around 75 million doses are expected to be delivered in the second quarter.

In January it became known that negotiations were taking place with the two companies for further deliveries of up to 300 million cans. This includes an option to order an additional 100 million cans.  The  new agreement complements the contract concluded last year for 300 million cans, which the EU has already been promised for 2021.

A total of 500 million vaccine doses will be delivered to the EU member states by the end of 2021, plus the option for a further 100. BioNtech and Pfizer want to produce up to two billion vaccine doses worldwide in 2021.



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expects million BioNtech vaccine doses #2nd quarter


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