Eugenie von York: family color pink? Loving homage to her parents


 The  first family portrait of Eugenie von York, Jack Brooksbank and their little August is here. Your choice of clothes is definitely not a coincidence!

© The  color pink is gentle, delicate and friendly. In color theory, it stands for tenderness, femininity and protection. Of course, all of this fits perfectly when you hold a newborn baby in your hands. We’re talking about Eugenie von York (30) and Jack Brooksbank (34), who became parents for the first time on February 9th. On February 20, the first official photo of the small, royal family was published – and the choice of Eugenie’s outfit, a pink coat with a white dress – was certainly not a coincidence, royal experts are sure. ©

 The  family picture is reminiscent of a very similar situation around 30 years ago.

In the video above, we tell you why Eugenie chose these colors of all things and what emotional gesture is behind them. And we also show how the princess stands out from her family.

All in blue: this is little August Philip Hawke Brooksbank

After Eugenie posted a sweet photo on her Instagram channel right on the day she was born, on which the hands of the newborn, her husband Jacks and herself could be seen, there was of course a big question: What is the name of the little man? “He was named after his two great-grandfathers,” explains Eugenie herself in an Instagram story and writes about the family portrait: “We wanted to introduce you to August Philip Hawke Brooksbank.” Eugenie’s fans are particularly enthusiastic about the first name, August: “August is such a cute name” or “I LOVE his name. Hello August”, write the commentators. So maybe many parents-to-be will be influenced by Eugenie and Jack and August will become the trend name for 2021.

How tiny! In the video below you can see the first recordings of Baby August.

Your baby is here and there is a first photo!



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Eugenie von York family color pink Loving homage parents


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