“Even today I’m not ready to apologize”


Recently Thomas Gottschalk made negative headlines with a discussion about the word “gypsy sauce”. For a long time he was silent about accusations of racism that were being raised. Now the entertainer speaks up.

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Thomas Gottschalk recently sat on the WDR talk show “ The  Last Instance”. Together with Micky Beisenherz, Janine Kunze and Jürgen Milski, he should discuss whether the end of the “gypsy sauce” was a necessary step. Each of the four celebrities present considered it unnecessary to have to do without the term in the future. This behavior solved particularly in the social networks an avalanche of incomprehension and indignation.

Gottschalk has so far kept a low profile on the racism allegations, only stated in an “Bild” interview that if he “put the brakes on before the show“He had to, he didn’t” need to open the flap at all. “In the” Welt am Sonntag “the 70-year-old now finds much more conciliatory words, but he still doesn’t want to apologize.

“An old brain should be able to rethink”

“Even today, I am not ready to apologize for anything that was neither hurtful nor malicious. But I am ready to learn and listen,” explains Gottschalk. His view of the world emerged in the last century, and he accepts that “a lot has to be adjusted”. “An old brain should be able to think anew.” He has to clear out and everyone knows how difficult it is to part with old clutter.

He always tried to please everyone, said Gottschalk. He often sat between the chairs. “In the past I used it to generate headlines in the tabloids, now I generate shitstorms,” ​​he said. He can deal much better with accusations than with disappointments.

“I take people seriously whom I have disappointed, and I am sorry,” he wrote in the article. “I just had to learn that you can also disappoint people by not understanding them.” He doesn’t want to excuse himself from speaking another language that includes certain vocabulary. Vocabulary “which in our own perception has nothing to do with discrimination or racism”. © www.de24.news The re are simply moments in life when you have to recognize “that it just doesn’t work the way it always was”.

“I will no longer use certain terms”

People would feel hurt who you didn’t want to hurt. “I will no longer use certain terms,” ​​said Gottschalk. He will not “grudgingly avoid it because political correctness forbids it, but because a person with my eloquence has countless words at his disposal that are neither misleading nor come from a school of thought that has thought up.”

“I was and still am a show master whose main concern has always been to leave a gag,” he writes. He never took note of the seriousness of the situation. He had relied on a “… Thommy is allowed to do that” or “So isser halt”. That made it difficult for him today, even failing to find the right tone. He used to be the “right man in the right place”, “but only in this one”. Even today he would often talk as he “could do it yesterday with impunity”.

Gottschalk was particularly “horrified” about “that I am obviously disappointing people who grew up with me. Who thought I was one of the good guys, someone who felt understood”. He always tried to understand everyone. “I’ve never made a distinction between old and young, stupid or smart, green or white. And while trying to entertain everyone, I said stupid things one time or another. I never meant it badly, I never meant it hurt someone. ”

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