Experts present a plan: an opening concept for culture and sport


Status: 02/22/2021 2:54 p.m.

Concerts, theater and sporting events – according to experts, all of this could soon be possible again. A concept that has now been presented promotes a gradual return of viewers with tests, a mask requirement and alcohol ban.

With a modular concept, science, sport and culture want to attract more viewers to their venues again – from 25 percent occupancy to full capacity.

Supported by numerous associations

“We want to show the politicians a way how it could go back,” said the Berlin health economist Florian Kainzinger in Berlin during the presentation of the concept, which is supported by numerous associations, including the German stage association, the German cultural council, the German football association as well renowned concert halls such as the Gewandhaus Leipzig and the Berlin Philharmonic.

A “basic concept” for the return of spectators for events in closed rooms provides for an occupancy rate of 25 to 30 percent if a hygiene and infection protection concept is in place, distance rules are observed and masks are worn throughout.

In addition, personal tickets would have to be issued and arrival and departure controlled, and alcohol should be prohibited for more than a thousand visitors.

40 percent occupancy at open-air events

For outdoor events, the concept assumes a possible occupancy rate of up to 40 percent with comparable measures. In larger halls with modern ventilation technology and in open-air events, more spectators are possible if a specialist hygiene concept applies as a uniform standard. © The  experts believe that full capacity utilization is possible if all viewers are also tested on site.

“Can’t lock everything off”

It is about a synopsis of various criteria, “the central question is the burden on the health system,” said Kainzinger. “We can’t shut everything down until the last person is vaccinated.”

From the point of view of Georg-Christian Zinn, a specialist in hygiene and environmental medicine in Ingelheim, the concept should “give as many viewers as possible the opportunity to take part in the events”.

“Artists need perspective”

“We have to find ways to shape life with Corona,” said Andrea Zietzschmann, director of the Berlin Philharmonic. In addition, after a year of largely closed venues, the artists need a perspective.

With the concept there is for the first time a cross-sector, differentiated contribution to the discussion about appropriate ways out of the lockdown, explained Olaf Zimmermann, Managing Director of the German Cultural Council. “We want to reopen and we want to protect the people who visit or work in our facilities from the virus.” Both are feasible.

Concept for returning guests to cultural and sporting events

Kilian Pfeffer, ARD Berlin, February 22nd, 2021 3:32 p.m.

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Experts present plan opening concept culture sport


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