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A new update is available for the Formula 1 racing game for the 2020 season.F1 2020: Codemasters fixes crashes and other bugs, V1.16 update is here ZoomWhile the first Formula 1 teams have already presented their cars and, in some cases, new driver pairings for the 2021 season, Codemasters is once again committed to maintaining F1 2020.

© www.de24.news The  Formula 1 racing game for the 2020 season has received another update that focuses on minimizing problems that lead to crashes. According to the change log, three causes leading to this were eliminated. © www.de24.news

 The  developers have also corrected other bugs.

F1 2020 – V1.16 change overview:
– Fixed an issue that prevented F2 setups from time trial leaderboards from being downloaded.
-A bug on PS4 where empty time trial leaderboards were displayed when pressing “My Position” has been fixed. This could result in getting stuck on the loading screen when trying to hit the track.
-Fixed a crash issue that occurred when negotiating with a driver on My Team and an activity was scheduled on the same day.
-Fixed a crash problem that occurred when leaving a full qualifying with classic cars and continuing with the next session.
-Fixed a crash issue that occurred when one player walks / comes back while another under race control scrolls through lap times.
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 The  update rate of the weather forecast in the garage has been increased.
-A bug that caused the option to use a livery for “Multiplayer and Solo” not to be highlighted has been fixed.

F1 2020 – V1.16-Changelog:
-Addressed an issue where F2 setups could not be downloaded from time trial leaderboards.
-Addressed an issue on PS4 where pressing “Find Me” would result in time trial leaderboards being empty. This could lead to a perpetual load going to track.
-Addressed a crash when negotiating with a driver while an activity was scheduled for the same day in MyTeam.
-Addressed a crash when retiring and advancing to the next session in Classic Full Qualifying.
-Addressed a crash when a player leaves/re-joins while a player is scrolling through lap times in the race director.
-Increased the update rate of the weather forecast in the garage monitor.
-Addressed an issue where the option to select a new car livery for ‘Multiplayer and Solo Use’ did not highlight.

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