Fans are horrified! “He must apologize”


Britney Spears: TV documentary reveals bad details

When the couple 2002 separated, it went downhill for HER while HE made his career. This is exactly what Britney Spears fans bring to the table on the palm: Because the new New York Times documentary “Framing Britney Spears” shows knows the month Justin Timberlake treated the singer at the time.

For him it was all about being successful. He didn’t care at all how Britney was doing

such an insider. After this Love off Britney stood by her then Management had suddenly gotten a “no sex before marriage” image as a missed Liar and Cheater there. Justin fueled the allegations by spreading that he did have sex with Britney. In addition, his hit song “Cry me a River” was about one betrayed man, the actress in the accompanying video resembled Britney extreme! Coincidence? Hardly likely.

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Justin Timberlake: “He did a lot of shit”

You careful built image then got mighty crackswhile Justin himself stood there as a clean man. But through the documentary he now becomes a Bogeyman! “After twenty-five minutes of framing Britney Spears, I’m ready to pull out every single one of Justin’s teeth with pliers”, rages a spectator.

Lots of fans are demanding now a confession and Excuse me from Justin!

He’s done a lot of shit to apologize for! Especially for treating Britney.

Only one has lost so far no bad word about him: Britney herself.

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Fans horrified apologize


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