Farewell Split coast: Pilot whales stranded off New Zealand


Status: 02/22/2021 10:51 a.m.

Several dozen long-fin pilot whales are stranded on the coast of New Zealand. Nine animals have already died. More than 60 helpers fight for the survival of the animals.

Off the South Island of New Zealand, more than 50 long-fin pilot whales got into shallow water – nine animals have already died.  The  local nature conservation authority announced that numerous helpers tried to cool the animals until the tide set in.

Again and again mass strandings in front of Farewell Split

Why the whales stranded is still unclear. In the Farewell Split region, there have been more frequent mass strandings in recent years. Scientists suspect, among other things, that the water is particularly shallow at this point, which could disturb the animals’ orientation.

© www.de24.news The  last time four years ago were 650 pilot whales stranded in Farewell Split, more than 350 animals perished. Long-finned pilot whales belong to the dolphin family and can grow up to eight meters long. Usually, they are rarely seen near the coast.

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Farewell Split coast Pilot whales stranded Zealand


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