Farmer is looking for a wife: Antonia is insulted on the net: “That really gets me down”


After some back and forth, farmer Patrick and his Antonia finally found each other at “Bauer sucht Frau”. But their fame also has its downsides.

Farmer Patrick (24) from Konstanz was the absolute star of the show in the run-up to the previous season “Bauer sucht Frau”.  The  number of applicants is said to have been in the five-digit range, as the newspaper “Bild am Sonntag” reported at the time. And the subsequent confusion of love about the favor of the blonde cattle farmer was impressive. Ultimately, however, Antonia (20) from Hanover was ahead of the game, even though she had actually looked the way after the first broadcast. ©

 The  pressure of competition with her fellow campaigners was simply too great for her, she explained.

But model Antonia must have been the right one! Farmer Patrick did not appear at the finals in December with candidate Julia (25), but with the Hanoverian. He and Antonia are now officially and firmly together, he confirmed.


 The  “Bauer sucht Frau” stars Anna and Gerald Heiser recently became parents for the first time. In the video below, they shared a new baby photo: “Exciting and emotional time.”

New baby photo!

© Instagram / anna_m._heiser;

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“Bauer sucht Frau” star Antonia offended online


 The  love chaos and the surprise that Antonia finally managed to conquer the heart of the breeder, the couple had also increasingly brought into focus on social media. But the fan mail was not always well meant, as Antonia now explained according to “” in an interview with the “Südkurier”. In addition to compliments and congratulations, there were also a lot of hate comments.


 The  negative comments even went so far as to call her a “whore” or a “slut,” said Antonia. ©

 The re would also have been the designation “Barbie dolls”. “You can imagine that doing something to you.” If the users then told her that she had to endure it now, because she was known, it would be difficult for her: “That really gets me down.”


Farmer Patrick decided on Antonia.

“Farmer is looking for a wife”
Patrick and his Antonia are officially a couple
Confusion of love at “Bauer sucht Frau”: After it didn’t work between Patrick and Julia, the farmer tried again with Antonia – with success. ©

 The  two are officially a couple!

Young farmer Patrick doesn’t leave his Antonia alone with criticism

At such moments, the 20-year-old naturally gets support from her Patrick. His level-headed manner would back her up, she said. “©

 The re’s no point in opposing these people,” says the young farmer. And yet he sometimes couldn’t help getting rid of one or two comments. When the couple was recently insulted as ugly, he simply replied: “Thank you, then Antonia and I are a good match if we are both ugly.”


 The re was also criticism shortly after her departure, when Antonia had to leave Patrick’s court because she was unable to cope with the pressure from the opponents. Because only a short time later, professionally made nude photos appeared – many viewers assumed that the 20-year-old had only used the dome show as a stepping stone for her career. Farmer Patrick was able to dismiss that immediately: Antonia had shown real interest and kept writing to him. And so feelings flared up again, which apparently continue to this day.


 The y stick together too! In the video below you can find out more about Anna and Gerald Heiser’s baby happiness.

Hooray - there are three of you now!



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Farmer wife Antonia insulted net


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