FC Basel: 0-0 against Lausanne – Bernhard Burgener turns everything upside down


After the 0-0 draw against Lausanne, Ciriaco Sforza speaks of a fresh start. And Bernhard Burgener announced an analysis of the situation.

Bernhard Burgener spoke of an
Bernhard Burgener spoke of an “earthquake”, a “total shock” after the defeat against Winterthur.

Foto: Marc Schumacher (Freshfocus)

Three days is not much. Especially not if so much is supposed to change in three days as at FC Basel: attitude, morale and, last but not least, the end result. Because Bernhard Burgener had asked for nothing else from his team after the 2: 6 against FC Winterthur, “a clear reaction”.

Before the game against FC Lausanne-Sport, Burgener gave an interview to pay-TV channel “Blue”, the first after the disastrous 2: 6. And the owner hadn’t come to gloss over the extent of the defeat in any way. Burgener spoke of an “earthquake”, a “total shock”, a “catastrophe”. “It can not get worse.”

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Basel Lausanne Bernhard Burgener turns upside


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