FC Bayern: Niko Kovac with a special Flick message – strange triple bill surprised

FC Bayern: Niko Kovac with a special Flick message - strange triple bill surprised

Niko Kovac was the predecessor of coach Hansi Flick at Bayern.  The  ex-FCB coach talks about his part in the triple and the connection to Flick.

Munich – It was the turning point for the better and ushered in the best phase in the club history of FC Bayern. © www.de24.news The  1: 5 defeat in November 2019 in Frankfurt should be remembered forever by everyone involved.

FC Bayern: Niko Kovac was sacked at the last Frankfurt guest appearance

So also the then Bayern coach Niko Kovac, who was dismissed after the violent bankruptcy against his ex-club. Hansi Flick, who was installed as assistant coach before the season, took over as head coach and sensationally led Bayern to the triple. It took over a year for FC Bayern to return to Frankfurt. On Saturday, the freshly minted sextuple winner will meet a form-strong Eintracht in the top game of the Bundesliga.

Kovac is now observing his two former clubs from afar. Born in Wedding in Berlin, he has been working on the Côte d’Azur in Monaco since this season. After a difficult start, he established the principality club in the top group in France. His young team around superstar Cesc Fabregas mixes up Ligue 1 with refreshing offensive football.

FC Bayern: Niko Kovac calculates his triple share

Before leaving Munich, Kovac laid the foundation for Bavaria’s unique season with three wins in the Champions League, including the 7-2 spectacle at Tottenham Hotspur. But does he really have a share in the titles?

“No. My share is at most in the per mille range because we scored nine points in three Champions League games and were on the right track, ”says Kovac im Sport1-Interview and praises his successor: “But Hansi finished it very well.”

Kovac would have liked Flick to be named world coach. “For me there are no two opinions. Because what Hansi has achieved is sensational, ”says the 49-year-old. © www.de24.news

 The  connection between the two coaches has never been broken. “I still have very good contact and a lively exchange with Hansi. I am someone who allows him everything. Hansi has earned all of this with his quality and meticulousness, ”says Kovac. (ck)

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Bayern Niko Kovac special Flick message strange triple bill surprised


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