FC Schalke 04 loses Bundesliga Revierderby against BVB

FC Schalke 04 loses Bundesliga Revierderby against BVB

She stadium audience at Schalke has been missed a little more than in most other Bundesliga arenas for almost a year. After all, solidarity and the feeling of not being alone are particularly important in times of pain. After the 0: 4 (0: 2) in the Revierderby against BVB, the players must have been very happy that no people were there.

 The y would have been met with a poisonous mixture of frustration, disappointment and sheer anger. A derby defeat in itself is painful enough. This humiliation was particularly cruel because even the boldest optimists are slowly lacking arguments why these Schalke players should stay in the Bundesliga. Coach Christian Gross said after the match: “© www.de24.news The re is nothing to gloss over. That was a game that was completely against us. ”

© www.de24.news The  fact that Mainz was able to win in Mönchengladbach in the afternoon had already worsened the situation before kick-off. And for BVB, the results of the other games were threatening: With the victories in Frankfurt and Wolfsburg, Dortmund’s deficit had grown to nine points. At the beginning, it was clear to both of them that they were in extremely difficult situations. It took Dortmund almost a full half before they were able to demonstrate their football superiority.

Schalke loses goalkeeper ferryman

Although Jadon Sancho had the best chance of the first half hour as a result of Benjamin Stambouli losing the ball (7th), Schalke 04’s approach looked okay for 40 minutes. Christian Gross’ team was deep, defended attentively, Erling Haaland, who played so brilliantly in the Champions League during the week, remained almost invisible. What Schalke lacked, as so often, was the last precision in the attack third.

Memorable goal scenes were rare, so the substitution of goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann, who had to be replaced by Michael Langer with problems with his abdominal muscles, was a highlight of the first half. That was the second Schalke retirement that evening after Shkodran Mustafi had to stop the warm-up due to muscular problems. Bastian Oczipka moved into the starting line-up at short notice.

Jadon Sancho (left) meets the Dortmund leadership, Marco Reus is also pleased.

Jadon Sancho (left) meets the Dortmund leadership, Marco Reus is also pleased.

Image: EPA

However, Stambouli gave the game a clear direction, causing a second bad loss of the ball in his own half after his mistake in the early stages. This time Sancho used his following chance and scored from 14 meters to make it 0-1 (42nd) – a somewhat lucky lead in a derby in which initially none of the teams played really convincingly. But the longer the game lasted, the more the Schalke were unsuitable for this league.

Before half-time, they followed up with a second faux pas when Oczipka Haaland left too much room on a Sancho cross. © www.de24.news The  Norwegian lay down in the air and scored with a great side pull to make it 0-2 (45th). © www.de24.news The  template was Sancho’s tenth goal participation in 2021, and Haaland had found another opportunity to show off his extraordinary skills.

After the break, Schalke continued to fight, and Suat Serdar was unlucky with a twelve-meter finish, which BVB goalkeeper Marvin Hitz steered to the post (51.). Only when Raphael Guerreiro completed a nice attack with a low shot from seven meters to 3-0, the royal blue resistance was broken (60th). Haaland scored from close range to 0: 4 (79th), in the end the Gelsenkirchen team fell apart. “We’re not giving up, we want to keep fighting,” said goalkeeper Langer. “It’s an extremely shitty situation, but we have no choice.”

© www.de24.news The  club is stumbling towards relegation and not only lost two points that day, but also missed the opportunity to generate an energy boost for the upcoming spring weeks. And Dortmund will still not enjoy looking at the table, where the six-point gap to Frankfurt and Wolfsburg remains unchanged. “This derby win gives us a lot of confidence,” said captain Marco Reus. “We have to keep working for the next few weeks and win.”

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Schalke loses Bundesliga Revierderby BVB


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