“Final Fantasy XVI” should be more action-heavy


According to the responsible producer of the game “Final Fantasy XVI”, the upcoming JRPG should be more action-heavy than its predecessor. In any case, Naoki Yoshida has confirmed this to the Japanese media. Nevertheless, the story should of course remain an important foundation.

I myself have been playing the titles in the series since “Final Fantasy VI”, which has remained my favorite to this day. “Final Fantasy IX” is probably behind it. So I could never get completely warm with the increasing science fiction influence. In this respect, I really like the fact that “Final Fantasy XVI” seems to go back a little more to the eponymous corner, namely fantasy, in the first videos.

However, despite the increasing action, according to the developers, there should be a game mode in which the battles are very easy, so that players can concentrate on the story. In addition, it is planned to show with “Final Fantasy XVI” the difficulties of growing up with it. So it sounds like a maturation plot, which is quite typical for JRPGs.

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Final Fantasy XVI actionheavy


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