Findings on the Australian Open victory by Novak Djokovic: The “tennis cyborg” on a roller coaster ride

Findings on the Australian Open victory by Novak Djokovic: The

Novak Djokovic is and remains the king of the Australian Open: In a surprisingly one-sided final, he beat challenger Daniil Medvedev 7: 5, 6: 2 and 6: 2 and was crowned champion of Melbourne for the ninth time. SPOX summarizes the findings of the endgame.

For the Djoker it was a particularly sweet triumph after turbulent weeks, which he owed above all to a very special weapon. Medvedev’s performance sums up the dilemma of the coming tennis generation – and then there’s the race for the Grand Slam record.

1. Djokovic’s 9th Australian Open triumph was a special one

Stefanos Tsitsipas had unwittingly given the direction for the final after his semi-final against Medvedev. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Daniil wins the tournament,” said the Greek after being played off in three sets by his rival. “But it’s funny: I played Rafa here two years ago. His performance against me back then was phenomenal. I was 100 percent sure that he would win the tournament. But I was wrong.”

In fact, like Nadal, Medvedev had stormed through his half of the draw in 2019. Many experts saw him as at least equal, with a winning streak of 20 matches and the success over Djokovic at the ATP Finals in the back. And like Nadal 2019, who was also dealt with in three sentences at the time, the Russian had no chance in the end.

Now the titles of Djokers Down Under are no longer a surprise, and especially in retrospect, the inclined observer is offered a “It was clear that Djokovic wins” with a little yawn. See Nadal at the French Open. However, this fails to recognize that the Serb can look back on turbulent weeks.  The  ninth title, it was anything but a sure-fire success – with the exception of the final.

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Findings Australian Open victory Novak Djokovic tennis cyborg roller coaster ride


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