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 The  city of Überlingen is under criticism. It is intended to evaluate reports in the media in a targeted manner in order to indicate possible violations of the Corona regulation. ©

 The  chairman of the Überlinger Hänselezunft received a fine after watching an SWR radio broadcast.

© The  city refers to the fine notice against the chairman of the Hänselezunft, Hary Kirchmaier, on a radio report about the traditional Dreikönigs-Schnellen. In it, the SWR reported on how Kirchmaier and another member of the association had started the carnival with his carbatsche on the outskirts of Überlingen.

Carbatches an unauthorized gathering?


 The  city of Überlingen is now citing this post as evidence of alleged violations of the Corona regulation. ©

 The  letter speaks of an unauthorized meeting and that Karbatschen-Schnellen was not a valid reason to leave the house. According to his own statements, the Hänsele chairman wants to take legal action against the decision.

Advertisement after sharing a photo in the newspaper


 The  notification against the Hänsele chairman is not the first administrative fine in connection with media coverage. Only recently it became known that three skiers had been reported by the city after a joint photo was seen in the “Südkurier”. ©

 The y were accused of failing to keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

A freelance photographer photographed the three young men on the Luisenhöhe, a hill near Überlingen. Apparently, according to the photographer’s representation, an employee of the public order office of the city of Überlingen measured very precisely with a ruler whether the distance between the men in the photo was maintained.

City of Überlingen justifies fines

No one on the part of the city of Überlingen wanted to give an interview about the fines against the Hansele chairman and the skiers. In a written statement, a spokeswoman points out that the city must act if administrative offenses become known. Violations are clearly verifiable both in the radio report about the Karbatschen-Schnellen and in the newspaper photo.

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