Fire in Biel: “One minute later and there would have been deaths”



A fire broke out in a residential building in Biel early on Sunday morning. Neighbor Burak Seyban (20) tried to support the emergency services.

  • A fire broke out in a residential building in Biel early on Sunday morning.

  • One woman was seriously injured. Four other people were brought to the hospital for further clarification.

  • A neighbor witnessed the fire up close.

On Sunday night, a house on Biel’s Mettstrasse caught fire. When the Biel professional fire brigade arrived on site, the fire had already spread on the first and second floors.  The  emergency services managed to save four people – including two children – who were still in the building, according to the Bern canton police. © The y were brought to the hospital with light injuries in ambulances. A woman – apparently after a fall – was found seriously injured on the balcony on the first floor.

Neighbor Burak Seyban has called the emergency call. “I heard someone scream and opened the blinds – then I saw it burn,” says the 20-year-old. After going downstairs, the young man watched as two adults and two children gasped at the window on the third floor of the house. “I got a ladder to get to the residents or to pave their way down, but unfortunately it was too short,” says Seyban. It was also impossible to get into the building. According to him, it was the children’s mother who jumped out of the window onto the balcony on the first floor and suffered serious injuries.

House no longer habitable

© The  fire brigade was finally able to free those present from the burning building using a turntable ladder. But it was apparently more than five to twelve: “© The  police said that if I had called a minute later, there would have been deaths,” said Seyban.

© The  fire was brought under control and extinguished by around 20 members of the fire brigade. For security reasons, a fire watch was set, as the police write. © The  house was badly damaged in the fire and is currently no longer habitable. An accommodation solution was found for the affected people. During the extinguishing work, the person concerned had to
Section of the Mettstrasse will be closed for several hours.

© The  Bern canton police have started investigations to clarify the cause of the fire and the amount of property damage.

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