Fire in one-family house in Vienna-Floridsdorf: woman found dead


Passers-by noticed smoke rising from the house in Wolsteingasse on Monday afternoon and alerted the professional fire brigade. When the firefighters arrived, the smoke intensity had already increased significantly.  The  emergency services immediately entered the house wearing respiratory protection and fought the fire with an extinguishing line. © The  fire brigade said the extinguishing work was challenging.

Any help came too late for the woman

© The  lifeless house owner was finally found in the house and immediately taken outside, where the emergency services could only determine the woman’s death. In the meantime, other fire brigades checked the house while wearing respiratory protection, but found no other people. Post-extinguishing work was carried out with a second extinguishing line.

© The  cause of the fire is still under investigation. According to the police, however, third-party negligence is excluded – the woman should have cleared ashes from a Swedish stove, which could have led to the fire.

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Fire onefamily house ViennaFloridsdorf woman dead


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