First bloody trailer for the video game adaptation by the SAW creators


by Heiner Gumprecht | 02/22/2021

Mortal Kombat, a video game series from the fighting game genre, which is the direct and most brutal answer to the popular Capcom game Street Fighter II is primarily characterized by two features:  The  plot is absolutely irrelevant (even if not a few fans see it differently) and the action is stomach-turning brutal. But these are also the two factors that have made filming quite difficult so far.

mortalCombat 1

Mortal Kombat: First steps in the 1990s


 The  first attempt at the fighting game from Midway Studios Bringing to the big screen was directed by 1996 Paul W.S. Anderson undertaken and turned out to be quite disappointing. ©

 The  film was able to secure a large fan base because it was so bad again that it was considered real B-Movie-Perle could be accepted, but the story was underground even by Mortal Kombat standards and the action was relatively tame.

In the continuation, Mortal Kombat 2 – Annihilation, the result was even worse, as the sequel couldn’t even offer a minimum of story and didn’t really do anything apart from it. And so it is not surprising that it took almost 24 years before someone dared to bring the story about the powers of Outworld and the eternal struggle for the earthly kingdom into the cinemas of this world.

Mortal Kombat: First trailer for the new film

Now it’s the Australian director Simon McQuoidwho is under the supervision of the creator of SAW and Insidious, James Wan |, dares to try again and wants to give Mortal Kombat fans exactly what they have longed for for so many years. And the first trailer that was recently released shows that we are probably on the right track. ©

 The  plot seems to be irrelevant, the trick effects are worth seeing and besides many well-known characters, it is above all the high level of brutality that draws attention.

No wonder, after all, it is already known that the new one Mortal Kombat in the USA R-Rating is obtained and in Germany, a release under the age of 18 cannot be expected. Accordingly, nobody holds back in the first preview of the work and there are already some very bloody scenes to be seen. It is also implied that we will also witness some in the new film adaptation Fatalities could become.

Fatalities are extremely brutal finishers with which a victorious player in the template can literally tear his opponents apart to give them the rest in more than one way. Severed body parts, liters of blood and other filth from the area of ​​the Gore are not uncommon at Fatalities, but the order of the day. We’ll find out how brutal the film will ultimately be at the earliest on 08. April 2021if Mortal Kombat is scheduled to hit theaters.

mortalCombat 2

Source: Warner Bros.

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