First cans of AstraZeneca inoculated in Upper Austria


In Upper Austria, the first doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were inoculated on Thursday.

This vaccine is mainly given to health care workers as well as employees in hospitals, ordination staff and rescue workers. It is planned that more than 29,000 cans will be injected in February.

“Together with the promised vaccines for the other two previously available BioNtech / Pfizer and Moderna products, all second vaccinations in old people’s and nursing homes could be completed by the end of the month,” said a broadcast from the country on Thursday.

Regarding the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine discussed, the board of directors of the Pulmonology Clinic at Kepler University Hospital Linz, Bernd Lamprecht, said: ©

 The  effectiveness of the vector vaccine has been “proven for both the original virus and the ‘British variant’. In the case of other mutations, it can be assumed that people who exceptionally develop Covid-19 despite being vaccinated will experience a milder course of the disease and complications and deaths can be avoided. ”

Due to the high demand for free antigen tests, the country will continue to increase the number of test stations from next week.

New locations are being added in Weyer (Steyr-Land), Marchtrenk (Wels-Land), Bad Leonfelden (Urfahr area) and in the inner city of Linz. This means that there are 54 test stations in Upper Austria at which 35,000 smears can be taken every day.

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cans AstraZeneca inoculated Upper Austria


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