First completely digital train station food market in Renningen


Deutsche Bahn is starting an experiment in Renningen station in cooperation with Edeka Südwest: On February 23, 2021, the first fully digital food market E 24/7 will open there, which will be open around the clock. Purchases can be pre-ordered there at any time via the app or made at a machine.


 The  start-up Smark from Stuttgart also acted as a partner for the development. However, the product range there will initially be limited, but is to be expanded to up to 800 products. One wants to offer basic food in the same way as drugstore goods and chilled products. ©

 The  desired goods are mechanically prepared or issued to the buyer by robotics. Baked goods from a display can also be added. Payment is made by bank card or app.

If the concept meets with approval, according to DB and Edeka, they want to set up additional stores of this type in various high-frequency locations in the southwest. In addition, bicycles can be rented on site via the DB Rad + app and kilometers driven are added to a credit as a bonus, which can also be used for B. can be redeemed in the mentioned grocery store.

Renningen is one of 16 future train stations at which such experiments by Deutsche Bahn are running. Measures that are well received by travelers can be implemented at other stations this year.

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completely digital train station food market Renningen


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