First Dates Hotel: Jacqueline goes on a date with bartender Rocco


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Suffering and joy are sometimes so close together. Jacqueline (32) from Cologne is a candidate for the Vox show “First Dates Hotel” – and she does what no one else has done before. She lands a date with one of the show’s coveted bartenders. Shortly before, she was in tears.

  • “First Dates Hotel”: Jacqueline from Cologne is dating bartenders
  • After a drama with her ex, she howls at Rocco
  • Roland Trettl arranges dates for Jacqueline and Rocco

Because the meeting with her ex Özcan (35) ended for Jacqueline at “First Dates Hotel” in the drama. Including insults and loads of tears. She dried them in the arms of bartender Rocco (35) – and not only that!

“First Dates Hotel”: Jacqueline from Cologne has a date with the bartender Rocco

After crying out at Rocco’s, Jacqueline says, “I thought he was pretty, but he’s a bartender here. I can’t pull the people off you. “

Jacqueline is beaming again! After the drama with her ex, she got hold of a date with “First Dates Hotel” bartender Rocco.

She can! In episode 3 of the current season (always on Mondays, 8:15 p.m. on Vox and on demand on TVNOW) the two actually have a date.

Because show host Roland Trettl also noticed that the two found each other quite interesting – and arranged a date.

I am grateful to Roland for suggesting it that way. Because it worked out that way. Yes, this harmony. And Roland feels that. It’s Cupid here who shoots the arrows. ©

 The  love amor Roland ”, said Jacqueline, beaming with joy and full of anticipation for the date. That has never happened before at the show.

Jacqueline would not have believed in it either. “I would never have believed that you could have a date with a bartender. I think it’s the first time at ‘First Dates Hotel’. “Indeed!

“First Dates Hotel”: Barkeeper Rocco has been single for a year

But even Rocco would not have expected to suddenly have a date with a guest. But Jacqueline really did it to him. He enthuses: “Jacqueline is incredibly interesting for me and of course she is incredibly attractive. A very sensitive woman and yes, I could imagine that it could fit. ”


 The  bartender continues: “We have been doing this for a few years and it’s rarely the case that you like to look twice, and with Jacqueline it was just like that. And accordingly I’m almost euphoric. “

“First Dates Hotel” bartender Rocco goes on a date with guest Jacqueline.

“First Dates Hotel” bartender Rocco goes on a date with guest Jacqueline.

Rocco himself has been single for about a year, and he hasn’t had a date for a while. Despite his nervousness, he gives Jacqueline great compliments.

“You are a wonderfully beautiful woman. Radiate something so positive, something so warm. I am so amazed. What happened is incredible! ”He whispers.
Or: “And then you sit here, in a splendid evening dress and I come here in my official clothes.” After all, he took off the suspenders that go with the bartender’s outfit beforehand.

“First Dates Hotel”: Jacqueline has to leave after a date with Rocco

No wonder Jacqueline just melts away. “He’s just great, yes. But you can’t say right away: ‘Yes, I think it’s great, thank you, I’d like to have it, in room number two, please’ ”, laughed the blonde after the date. And Rocco is also enthusiastic: “It feels really great!”


 The  next day, however, it is over again – Jacqueline has to go back to Cologne, Rocco has to work as a bartender again. With air kisses and a “See you very soon, hopefully” they say goodbye.

And while Jacqueline goes home with her ex after the drama “with a calm feeling”, Rocco admits: “Hey, I already miss her.” (Sku)

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