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An Austrian is vaccinated against Corona every 5.5 seconds. Health Minister Anschober therefore holds out the prospect of the first easing.

 The  vaccination is the most important perspective to limit the pandemic,” affirmed Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) once more on Sunday via broadcast. At the same time, he provides an update on the status of the vaccinations and an outlook on possible further opening steps.

Vaccine amount tripled

© The  head of department calculates that an Austrian is currently being vaccinated every 5.5 seconds on average. © The  pace is “determined exclusively by market approvals of the vaccines and the quantities and dates of delivery”. © The  vaccination campaign is now finally picking up speed.

More than 180,000 vaccine doses are due to be delivered next week, with more than a million in March. “And in the second quarter the delivery volume will almost triple compared to the first quarter,” said Anschober.

Johnson & Johnson

© The  approval process for the fourth vaccine, which comes from the US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, represents a “special hope” for him. © The  government expects approval in mid-March – Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner (ÖVP) sharply criticized the EMA for this – and the first deliveries during April. A big advantage of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine: It would be the first Covid vaccine that only requires one vaccination instead of two.

© The  introduction of the e-vaccination pass is also making great strides with the Covid vaccination, the minister said. 94 percent of vaccinations should already be entered in the new e-vaccination pass.

First relaxations

Most of the old people’s and nursing homes interested in vaccination have already been vaccinated as their first priority. A particular success for Health Minister Anschober: “© The  number of infections and deaths with or from Covid have been falling in the old people’s and nursing homes for weeks. While we had a peak of 4,300 active cases of infection from residents at the end of November, it is only today 359. ”

At the same time, the number of deaths in old people’s and nursing homes has fallen dramatically. Anchober attributes this to the strict protective measures, but also to the vaccination.

“This will enable us to prepare for the first easing in old people’s and nursing homes. At the beginning of March, a decision will be made on the content of the loosening and the specific stages of the loosening. Here, too, protection and caution are the focus.”

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