First estimates: CarPartscom with figures for the past quarter | 02/21/21


CarPartscom is expected to present the quarterly figures for the most recent quarter of the year – closing date December 31, 2020 – at the financial conference on March 8, 2021.

Two analysts estimate earnings per share to average $ -0.060. This would have increased EPS by 91.43 percent compared to the previous year’s result. At the time, the books were $ 0.700 per share.

On the sales side, CarPartscom 3 analysts reported an average of USD 92.0 million in the past quarter. That would correspond to an increase in sales of 46.08 percent compared to the previous year’s result. At that time, CarPartscom had a turnover of 63.0 million USD.

For the current fiscal year, 2 analysts are now expecting an average loss per share of -0.030 USD compared to -0.890 USD in the corresponding fiscal year. 3 analysts see sales at an average of 416.1 million USD, compared to 280.7 million USD in the corresponding previous fiscal year period. editors

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