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First kissing photo with her boyfriend


At Leni Klum, love is in the LA air

Oh, is that cute! We have known for a long time that the young model Leni Klum (16) is deeply in love. Her lover is called Aris and is not in public. But if you take a closer look at the two teenagers’ Instagram activities, you’ll find clear evidence that they’re pretty much in love. And now there is finally photo evidence that shows: Los Angeles is really “love in the air”! We show the sweet smooch photo of Leni and her boyfriend in the video.

Leni Klum is still a normal teenager sometimes

Now reunited, the two teenagers are enjoying a very down-to-earth date: First they have a relaxed lunch on the back of a pick-up truck, then a leisurely stroll through the flea market. Leni very relaxed in sweatpants and croptop, Aris in jeans and chucks. Her familiar gestures clearly show how much young love is in the air here. Oh, teen love must be beautiful!

By the way: Mama Heidi Klum (47) seems to be satisfied with the choice of her daughter, too, because she also follows the young man on Instagram. Grandpa G√ľnther Klum (75) is said to have already met the boy and found him to be good. So everything works.

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