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Several volunteer fire brigades moved out.

Five people were injured in a fire in the Scheibbs district and one person suffered serious injuries. 117 fire brigade members were on duty in Purgstall on the Erlauf.

A fire in a residential building in the center of Purgstall an der Erlauf in the Scheibbs district caused five injuries, including three children, to be injured on Sunday morning. As fire department spokesman Franz Resperger announced, a man suffered severe injuries. © The  injured were transported to hospitals. According to Sonja Kellner from the Red Cross, the receiving hospitals were the Scheibbs and Amstetten state clinics. 117 members from five fire departments were on duty.

We have been involved in a house fire in Pöchlarnerstrasse since around 7 a.m. Updates from us will follow below this report.

Posted by Freiwillige Feuerwehr Purgstall / Erlauf on Saturday 20th February 2021

© The  flames broke out in the two-story apartment building with a loft at around 7 a.m. © The  fire brigade received numerous emergency calls. While eight people left the building independently, an adult and a child were brought out of the building by helpers. In the case of the man, another resident of the apartment building intervened courageously. According to Resperger, the fire brigade member saw the seriously injured “lying in the stairwell and rescued him outside”.

Three children injured in fire

According to the Red Cross spokeswoman, the three injured children were waiters aged five to ten years. As with the two hospitalized adults, there was a suspicion of smoke gas poisoning. Lighter burns were also registered.

During the extinguishing work, the helpers proceeded under breathing protection and with the help of turntable ladders. After about an hour and a half, the fire was under control, stressed Resperger. © The re were also five ambulances and two ambulance vehicles on site.

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