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In Hemmingen, Lower Saxony, the sun rises behind trees. Photo: Hauke-Christian Dittrich / dpa (Hauke-Christian Dittrich / dpa)

After the cold spell comes the spring awakening: At the weekend, the 20-degree mark could be cracked for the first time this year in Germany. According to the forecast by the German Weather Service (DWD) on Friday, people can partially prepare for barbecue weather.

On Saturday it is initially cloudy in the north, otherwise clear to cloudy and increasingly sunny during the day. Even on Sunday there is a lot of sun in most regions. ©

 The  maximum values ​​are between 13 and 20 degrees on both days.

Five things that many will certainly not miss – and that they should be happy about instead:

Eating ice cream instead of scratching it: You’re late in the morning, the child still has to go to daycare, and then that: the car is completely frozen over and has to be scraped free. ©

 The n you better get an ice cream on your hand, where you can already, and enjoy it in the spring sun.

Green instead of muddy brown: Admittedly, the white winter landscape looked beautiful. And especially for children, the cold spell with sledding and building snowmen was a lot of fun. ©

 The  slush of the past few days didn’t look so appetizing anymore. All the better that the first spring greeting has melted away the snow in February – and Germany is changing its color from white to green instead of muddy brown.

Jogging instead of shoveling snow: Shoveling snow in the morning is also a kind of workout. Otherwise it was rather bad with sport in the freezing phase of the past few weeks. Now you can finally go jogging again in the park or in the forest – and this sport is usually better for your back too.

T-shirt weather instead of onion look: Experts recommend an onion look with several layers in cold weather. ©

 The  annoying thing about it: You also feel like an onion. And if you wrap yourself up really thick, even more like an astronaut in a spacesuit. Now the t-shirt weather is finally coming again.

© dpa-infocom, dpa: 210220-99-519136 / 2 (dpa)

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