Five-year anniversary and start of the final season


For the five-year anniversary of Street Fighter 5 (from 24,90 at buy) on PlayStation 4 and PC, Capcom has ushered in the fifth and final season of the fighting game with the Champion Edition. At the beginning there is a new character with Dan Hibiki, who is described as follows: “Dan Hibiki confidently starts the fifth season of Street Fighter V with his iconic fighting technique ‘ridicule’. He is a mainstay of the Street Fighter Alpha series and training partner of Ryu and Ken and considers himself well equipped, other players with his unique Saikyo – To ‘train’ Ryu fighting style (‘Strongest Style’). “ Habiki can be purchased with the Season 5 Character Pass, Season 5 Premium Pass or separately.
Other newcomers to the final season are Rose (spring), Oro and Akira (summer) as well as a still secret character in autumn. In addition, 26 new costumes and other arenas, such as the Rose Arena (spring), the Akira arena (summer) and a new Capcom Pro Tour arena (autumn) have been announced. © The re is also a free update that adds the “V-Shift” as a new fighting technique that enables the execution of a complete and invincible “backdash”. A new training arena is also ready.


 The  Champion Edition of Street Fighter 5 is available as download and boxed version for PS4 and via Steam for PC. It includes all content from the original version (except for the Fighting Chance costumes, the brand collaboration costumes and the Capcom Pro Tour DLC) and the Arcade Edition. As a result, a total of 40 characters, 34 battle arenas and over 200 costumes are available. Owners of any of the previous editions can add all of the Champion Edition content to their version by purchasing a digital upgrade kit.

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Fiveyear anniversary start final season


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