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In Hamburg, flower shops and garden centers are hoping for a loosening of the lockdown. Economics Senator Michael Westhagemann (independent) wants to campaign for it in the Senate.

 The  traders in Hamburg feel massively disadvantaged: Anyone who wanted to use the spring-like weather at the weekend to whip up their own balcony or garden could find supplies in Lower Saxony. © www.de24.news The  garden centers there have been open for a week. Schleswig-Holstein has announced that it will open on March 1st.

Westhagemann against “distortion of competition”

According to information from NDR 90.3, the subject has already been discussed controversially in the Hamburg Senate. Senator for Economic Affairs Westhagemann wants to prevent distortion of competition. “Of course, it is otherwise incomprehensible to many that our people from Hamburg might go to neighboring countries.”

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AUDIO: Hope for garden centers and flower shops in Hamburg (1 min)

Competition from the supermarkets is allowed to sell

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 The  Hamburg regional association of German florists already sees itself at a disadvantage because supermarkets sell flowers while specialty shops are closed. Another problem: In Hamburg’s flower-growing areas in the Vier- und Marschlanden, the gardeners would face a huge loss if they could not deliver their goods but had to destroy them.

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