Footballers as vaccination models? The majority of Germans disagree with Rummenigge

 Footballers as vaccination models?  The majority of Germans disagree with Rummenigge

With his statement that footballers could act as vaccination models, Bavaria’s Karl-Heinz Rummenigge sparked a debate. An exclusive survey by t-online shows:  The  population disagrees.

“If we, as footballers, can help more people vaccinate themselves and build trust, then I think it’s a good idea.”

With these words, Bavaria’s CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge caused a stir at Sport1. © The  soccer players as role models for vaccination?

Germans have clear opinions

“We have a social responsibility. ©

 The re are many people in society who clearly need it and are the very first to have to be vaccinated. I like to take a back seat,” said Hamburg’s head trainer Daniel Thioune – and opposed the suggestion Rummenigges. And the majority of Germans think little of the statement made by the Bayern boss, as revealed by an exclusive survey by the polling institute Civey for t-online.

When asked, “Do you think professional footballers should be vaccinated against the coronavirus earlier?” 86.7 percent of the participants answered with “no, absolutely not” (77.6%) or “rather no” (9.1%).

Only 6.6 percent of those questioned shared Rummenigge’s suggestion and answered with “yes, definitely” (4.4%) or “rather yes” (2.3%). 6.6% were undecided.


 The re were no significant differences between the different age groups of the survey participants. In fact, the age group of 50 to 64 year olds turned out to be the most “supporters” of Rummenigge.

7.7 percent were in favor of vaccinating footballers earlier. Among the 18 to 29 year olds it was only 3.7 percent, and thus the fewest.

Regarding the methodology: ©

 The  survey included the answers of 5,052 people selected as representative of the population, who were asked online between February 10 and 12, 2021: “In your opinion, should professional footballers be vaccinated earlier against the coronavirus?” ©

 The  statistical error for the overall results is 2.5 percentage points; it can deviate from it for subgroups.

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Footballers vaccination models majority Germans disagree Rummenigge


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