For the first time over 20 degrees: “Ilonka” brings spring fever to Germany – panorama



                                A few days ago, polar air brought icy cold to Germany, now a lot of sun and mild temperatures lure outside.  It can get tight on walking paths - too tight.



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                    A few days ago the winter jackets could hardly be thick enough, now a sweater is sometimes enough in the sun: Hoch "Ilonka" gives Germany spring-like weather.  <a href=""><img class="alignnone size-medium" src="" alt="©" width="400" height="20" /></a><p>&nbsp;The&nbsp; high is over southeast Europe and make no move to disappear from there, it said on Sunday from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach.<br/>                                

Low pressure areas would have no chance of encroaching on Germany with their fronts. “A change in the weather situation does not appear before the coming weekend at the earliest,” explained meteorologist Marcel Schmid from the DWD weather forecast center.

People People with motorbikes or convertibles on the road

Already on Saturday and Sunday, many people were drawn outside. For the first time this year, according to the DWD, the 20-degree mark was cracked: In Müllheim, 20.3 degrees were measured on Saturday afternoon. After the polar air had led to freezing cold on the two previous weekends, the parks were now full of strollers and people with motorbikes or convertibles were out and about on the streets.  The  first spring bloomers can be seen in many places.

In view of the large number of day-trippers, the police in some places felt the need to check compliance with the corona rules – for example in the Baltic Sea resort of Boltenhagen in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: ©

 The re, the police said they saw a number of cars from neighboring federal states, so checkpoints were set up at the town entrances have. On Saturday alone, 65 people were turned away from 28 vehicles and asked to return, the police in Rostock said.

Without corona distance and in groups

In Bavaria, the Walhalla memorial in Donaustauf was closed due to the large crowds in sunny weather. Many people did not wear masks there on Saturday and did not keep a Corona distance, the police said on Sunday. She also spoke of a “real traffic chaos”. Residents had complained about illegal parking.

Elsewhere too, with mild temperatures and lots of sunshine, streets, squares and green spaces were cramped. © The  police from Mainz reported at the weekend that groups had stood together, walkers and cyclists had shared the paths that had become too narrow, and there were sometimes long queues at beverage stands.

Anyone who wants to soak up the sun has a good chance of doing so in the next few days: after the dissolution of individual fog fields, which form at night especially in southern Germany, the sun often shines for about ten hours a day, according to the DWD forecast. However, Saharan dust reaches us, so that the sky is sometimes a bit milky and the sunlight takes on a reddish touch. That in turn promises beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


 The  temperatures also remain mild. “©

 The y are mostly between 12 and 18 degrees,” announced the DWD. On the northern edges of the western and southwestern low mountain ranges and on the Upper Rhine, peak values ​​of around or just over 20 degrees are possible. ©

 The  nights could still be slightly frosty, especially in the south.


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