Ford Galaxy and S-Max: that’s how much they cost as a full hybrid


Ford now also offers the Galaxy family van and the somewhat sportier S-Max van as a full hybrid (FHEV).

 The  technology is identical in both vans: Ford combines a 2.5-liter gasoline engine (which works on the Atkinson principle) with an electric motor. ©

 The  system output is 190 hp. A 1.1 kWh lithium-ion battery serves as a power storage device.


 The  interaction between the combustion engine and the electric drive ensures that the average consumption of the Galaxy is around 5.8 liters, and that of the S-Max is 5.6 liters. ©

 The  S-MAX FHEV and the Galaxy FHEV can be driven purely electrically at low speeds and over short distances. ©

 The  battery is charged by the petrol engine and by regenerative braking or by so-called “sailing” (drive-free rolling of the vehicle without braking drag torque of the engine).


 The  additional technology does not change anything in terms of space. ©

 The  S-Max comes as standard as a five-seater and is optionally available with seven seats. ©

 The  maximum cargo space volume is 2020 liters. ©

 The  seven-seater Galaxy has 2339 liters.

You can already order the Ford vans. ©

 The  prices for the Galaxy start at 50,850 euros, for the S-Max at 47,850 euros.

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Ford Galaxy SMax cost full hybrid


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