Four questions about the Dortmund crime scene: an ideal world.


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  • In Dortmund’s “Tatort: ​​Heile Welt”, Commissioner Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann) gets a new colleague and now drives a Manta.
  •  The  Austrian Stefanie Reinsperger plays a commissioner with an unusual specialty in the Dortmund team.
  • Faber’s car was found via WhatsApp. Why do “crime scene” investigators so often prefer vintage cars?

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Who’s the new one, Rosa Herzog?

“Perfect world” is the first case for Commissioner Rosa Herzog. Actress Stefanie Reinsperger describes Rosa in the press releases of the WDR as someone who thinks “above all with heart and soul”, “which sometimes leads to conflicts. But otherwise it would be too harmonious in Dortmund”.

Rosa is “incredibly interested in her counterpart, on the one hand because of her job, on the other hand it also makes her a very affectionate, open person in her private life. She is very good at her job and likes to put it before her private life, often as a protection for herself not having to deal with everything that goes wrong on the side. “

“Heile Welt” does not reveal much about this private life. In an interview with the Austrian Volksblatt, Reinsperger said: “I can’t reveal that much yet. We have decided to lay a few small trails. ©

 The  character has definitely been through and experienced a lot. I see this one first part as an invitation that one asks, ‘Why is she like that, what is she doing there?’ You will learn more gradually. “

In the summer, however, she revealed a little more about Rosa Herzog to the editorial network in Germany: “I specialize in reading micro-expression in humans, and above all I observe body language closely.”

And who is the actress Stefanie Reinsperger?


 The  Austrian, who was born in Baden near Vienna in 1988, has made a name for herself primarily as a theater actress: Stefanie Reinsperger has performed at the Vienna Burgtheater and lives in Berlin, where she has been part of the Berliner Ensemble since 2017.

In 2012 she played the policewoman Gerti in the Austrian series “Braunschlag”, which achieved a certain cult status and aroused interest in American broadcasters (so far without consequences) for a remake. She was also a small-town policewoman in the Netflix series “How to sell Drugs online (fast)” from 2019. In her “Tatort” debut “Borowski and the happiness of others” in 2019 she played a cashier.

Her Rosa Herzog replaces Commissioner Nora Dalay in the Dortmund team. Dalay, who had always had her difficulties with Faber’s methods, quit her job at Faber in the anniversary episode “In der Familie” – actress Aylin Tezel had announced her departure from the “crime scene” at the end of 2019.

What’s up with Faber’s new car?

Commissioner Faber is proudly standing on the doorstep of colleague Martina Bönisch with a new used car. It’s quite a vintage car: an Opel Manta GSI, 34 years old.


 The  Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung reports how it came about: In 2020, the prop masters at the “Tatort” -producing Bavaria film studios looked for an Opel Manta in an advertisement. Only around 3,500 copies of the brand are registered in Germany. ©

 The  message quickly landed in a Whatsapp Manta fan group and thus with Marco Losert from Bippen near Osnabrück. ©

 The  fact that his car still has a radio with a cassette was one of the reasons why Bavaria offered him a loan agreement. ©

 The  income now helps Losert to finance his hobby.


 The  car enthusiast had bought the neglected but original Manta for 8,500 euros and restored it for two years – originally against the wishes of his wife, who pointed out that she was dark-haired and “not a hairdresser”.

Because the brand has an image that became famous at the latest with the hit movie “Manta, Manta” in 1991: In the eighties, the cliché was that mostly stupid macho proles in a highly tuned Manta with a foxtail on the antenna and blondes on the ©

 The  passenger seat rattles through the Ruhr area.


 The  angular car goes just as well as its predecessor, a light blue Saab 900 – also a car from the eighties, with the headstrong Peter Faber, who doesn’t care about image issues or fashion trends.


 The  fact that “Tatort” commissioners are so often out and about in older models also has to do with the fact that it is easier to avoid suspicion of surreptitious advertising, which is prohibited for public broadcasters.

Does the tanner center really exist?

“Heile Welt” is set in a high-rise estate with an attached shopping center, which is said to be in Dortmund-Scharnhorst. ©

 The  Gerberzentrum is fictional, but there are corresponding residential areas, which are considered social hot spots, in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as in many other German metropolitan areas.

“In times of the corona pandemic, where we couldn’t cover too many locations, we wanted to make a virtue out of necessity and – according to the plot – invent a universal location for the” ideal world “, says WDR editor Frank Tönsmann .

Instead, the shooting took place in City C in the Wiesdorf district of Leverkusen – a shopping center that actually has problems similar to the fictitious tanner’s center: ©

 The  mix of large commercial space, a medical and office high-rise and a residential high-rise opened in 1969, but the structural defects were as in so many German shopping malls of the seventies soon become clear; For years, the increasing vacancy rate has made City C a problem child in urban planning.


 The  photogenic glass roof over the shopping arcade was built in 1990 because there was regular water ingress into the basement.

In 2020 the “crime scene” was 50 years old. So now he’s in his prime, as some would say. On average, 9.1 million viewers saw each of the 36 new episodes in the linear broadcast of the first. What can viewers expect in the new year? An overview by team of what’s going on at the “Tatort” 2021.

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