Francoise Cactus (Stereo Total) died in Berlin – her style shaped the German music scene


Singer Françoise Cactus is dead.

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Françoise Cactus is dead.

 The  singer of the band “Stereo Total” died on Wednesday morning at the age of 57 in Berlin. Her unique style shaped the German music scene.

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 The  French musician and author Françoise Cactus is dead. ©

 The  radio station reports, among other things Radio like, for which Cactus had worked for several years. According to this, the singer died on Wednesday morning in her Berlin apartment after a long, serious breast cancer illness. She was 57 years old.

In the mid-1980s, Cactus, whose real name was Françoise van Hove, came to Berlin, which was then still separate. In 1986 she first became a big number in the western part of the city with her band “Lolitas”. In 1993 she founded the duo “Stereo Total” with her husband Brezel Göring and celebrated great successes beyond the city limits of Berlin. In her songs she combined French chanson and singing in German, French and English. This style made her unique and a formative figure on the German music scene.

Françoise Cactus: “Stereo Total” singer dies in Berlin – companions mourn

Cactus has been working for Radio like worked as a presenter and hosted her own show every last Tuesday of the month. ©

 The  radio station is therefore grieving over her death. “It’s a very sad day. She shared her incredible cosmos of connoisseurs with all of us, only put on vinyl records on topics such as cars, animals, women, men, dancing and much more, and commented on songs with her French accent in a charming and, above all, witty and funny way, “writes Anja Caspary, Music director of the station, in her obituary for Cactus.

“I’m shocked and sad. Françoise Cactus has died. I celebrated to her music long before she became our colleague here on radioeins. Françoise and her songs were unmistakable, ”also mourns Radio like-Moderation colleague Christiane Falk on Twitter about the musician.

On February 23, Françoise Cactus would have gone on the radio with her show for the next time. Music director Caspary announced that her husband Brezel Göring wanted to take over the edition instead and would play all the songs that Cactus had already picked out. “It will be a kind of legacy”. (han)

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Francoise Cactus Stereo Total died Berlin style shaped German music scene


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