Franz Wohlfahrt in the Sky Sport Austria Podcast “DAB | The audio evidence ”about the statements of Austria President Frank Hensel:“ You don’t let that sit on yourself, it’s about my reputation ”

 Franz Wohlfahrt in the Sky Sport Austria Podcast “DAB |  The audio evidence ”about the statements of Austria President Frank Hensel:“ You don't let that sit on yourself, it's about my reputation ”

  • Franz Wohlfahrt about Martin Hinteregger: “It’s the nice thing about Hinteregger when he brings a case of beer to the team after a game. I can never see these same tattooed and just not offensive players “
  • Welfare over the league mode with the point sharing: “It can not be a disadvantage for us”
  • Alfred Tatar on Martin Hinteregger: “ The  man could play central defense in any team in the world”
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Guest in the Sky Sport Austria Podcast DAB | ©

 The  audio evidence were Franz Wohlfahrt, Managing Director Sport FC Flyeralarm Admira, and Sky expert Alfred Tatar.

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 The  audio evidence “

Franz Wohlfahrt (Managing Director Sport FC Flyeralarm Admira):
… about Admira’s current performance and yesterday’s defeat against LASK: “In principle, it’s not always about one game. Since the upheaval in the squad in winter we have performed better than in autumn. Unfortunately we don’t give ourselves points. We didn’t necessarily have to lose yesterday either and had a chance to equalize. Unfortunate decisions by the referee – I’m not even addressing the offside rule – but a clear penalty for us after five minutes. That is hushed up everywhere. You have to take note of that. But it’s not quite enough. We cannot wait for the points to be shared, every point that we reach in the next four rounds can be decisive. ”

… About yesterday’s controversial goal to make LASK 2-0: “It was very clear that he had the ball under control. You can control a ball with your body without touching the ball. ©

 The refore, the linesman has clearly raised the flag. We stopped and the referee let play continue. Is of course very unhappy. ”

… When asked whether it could be a mental advantage for Admira over other teams that they knew from the start that they were only playing to stay up: “I don’t know if it’s an advantage. I only know that if we are one point ahead in the end, then we won’t be relegated. We have to work on that. ”

… about the league mode with the division of points: “It’s something different. But I’m always open to new things. But it must be said that it is easier for the teams that are behind in the regular season. Now it can’t be a disadvantage for us. ”

… About his ex-club Austria Wien and the top 6: “I follow it from the media, but nothing more. I’m Austrian and always have been, and I actually owe the club my entire career as a player. And then I got the chance to work in management. ©

 The  positive outweighs the negative in the end. If you don’t understand each other anymore, then you break up. That’s how it is once. It is part of it. ©

 The re were reasons that had nothing to do with the sporting cause, but other reasons. But you also have to take note of that. ”

… to the question of whether there was a discussion with Austria President Hensel, after his statement that Peter Stöger found a mess in the squad from the era of Franz Wohlfahrt as the person responsible for sport: “I read it and heard . In that case, you don’t go back to business as usual, because it’s about my reputation and my future career in management. You don’t let that sit on you, so we had a very good conversation. But everyone can look at the current squad of Austria and there are exactly four players from my era. Two of them are the players who actually keep the team up – the goalie, the Pentzi and the Monschein that I got from Admira. What else happened between 2015 and 2018, that we played twice in the Europa League group stage, that we were second and third, that we were in the cup final, that we had a transfer surplus of 6 to 7 million euros in my time, you know only a few. But we discussed it and it’s okay with me. ”

… About Eintracht Frankfurt and Martin Hinteregger: “This type of leadership, which comes from Fredi (Bobic, note), suits a player like Hinteregger, who also had his little problems. He’s in the right place with a club under Bobic, because he can live out these freedoms a little. It’s the nice thing about Hinteregger when he brings a case of beer to the team after a game. Because I can never see these same tattooed and just not offensive players. We used to be able to live easier. ©

 The re was also media, but it was funnier and more sociable. ”

… when asked whether he still had an issue abroad: “Now it’s Admira. You never know what will happen later. I let myself be surprised. I really enjoy working at Admira and I learn new things every day. I’m still young enough to fly across the pond. ”

Alfred Tatar (Sky Expert):
… About Admira’s prospects in the relegation battle: “At least you now have a solid base, which means you are competitive. It wasn’t always the case in the fall. With these newcomers and the existing offspring, you can really hope that you can stay up. ”

… When asked who he is currently the most interesting Austrian legionnaire: “©

 The  most interesting for me at the moment are Oliver Glasner and Adi Hütter. Two Austrian coaches who take 3rd and 4th place in the German Bundesliga. You have to say ‘chapeau’. ©

 The y really do a great job and polish the reputation of the Austrian trainers, which is not that high internationally. With the players, Sabitzer at Leipzig brings top performances from week to week. But my top favorite is really Martin Hinteregger. ©

 The  man could play in central defense on any team in the world. He’s a great defender. ”

DAB | ©

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